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Rome offers much history and can seem like an outdoor museum.  Rome can also be a transportation hub to the rest of Italy with its FCO airport and trains into the city.  Rome's Termini Train Station provides high speed and conventional trains to all parts of Italy.
Trains run north to Cinqe Terre via La Spezia for hiking in the five lands of the Cinque Terre Park, or to Florence in the heart of Tuscany.
Florence offers bike tours, culinary and wine tasting tours, and vacation lodging in the center of a an area rich in medieval hill towns and wine production.
Tuscany is an area north of Rome on the Mediterranean Coast where you find agricultural villages and great cities such as Florence, Pisa, and Sienna,
Venice can be reached by train or high-speed roads.

Provence is the southern region of France, bordered by the Rhone River on the west side, and by the Mediterranean Sea in the south.
Provence is noted for lavender production in the north around Avignon and for olive and wine production in the dryer regions of the south from Salon-de-Provence to Marseilles.

The extreme south of Provence is the area of the Rhone River Delta, a huge, flat grassland called the Camargue. 
This region of shallow lakes is noted for pink flamingos feeding in the lakes and for the white horses and black bulls that can be seen grazing in the huge nature preserve. 
Notable towns of Provence are Avignon, Arles, St Remy, Aix-en-Provence, and Marseilles. 

Provence was once part of the Roman Empire and as such contains many Roman ruins such as the Roman City of Glanum and the City of Arles.

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Tour boats in Paris on the River Seine
Provence hiking and biking biking is popular in Arles and the Alpilles Hills
 Salon de Provence
Old cities of Provence such as Arles provide shopping , museums, old churches, and great family-run restaurants
France is divided into departments that are similar to the states in the United States, USA.  More commonly we divide France into regions such as Province, the Atlantic Coast, Burgundy Valley, Louire Valley, Central France or Northern France. 
Within these regions there will be Spring and Fall festivals, regional museums, an extensive system of walking trails called Grand Rondonee or GR, sightseeing in medieval villages, hotels and vacation rentals, dining, extensive train service, local and iinternational air service, and extensive, modern, toll roads that paralell the older non-toll, country roads.  Bus transportation is limited in France but does exist.

Vello Routes and Voites Verts are set aside bike and walking trails.
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