Biking between Arles and Eygalieres
arles Buses serve southern Provence
TGV trains reach Avignon, 30 miles north of Arles

   Arles Bus Service, Bus to Provence Villages

Arles is served by train and bus service from Avignon
TGV fast Trains from Paris Gare de Lyon serve Avignon where conventional trains and buses serve Arles.

The Arles buses are numbered in the front and labeled with the destination

Buses run to Salon de Provence and stop at towns along the way.  Two buses run to the Camargue, one to Port St Louis and one to St Maries de la Mer.

Buses run to Fontvielle, St Remy and Mouries.

The buses offer a way to make day trips out of Arles to the Provence towns  such as St Martin de Crau and Fontvielle.

Find Your Way, Arles Buses
The lines use color coding and names of destinations.  The buses are marked with the final destination and at times the stops in between.  The bus office at the corner of Clemenceau and Gambetta offers bus schedules.

These Arles buses run limited trips to the outying cities.  There might be just two daily trips for exampe, and two daily returns.  The Arles bus schedules, available at the train station and at the Clemenceau Bus terminal, are helpful in planning your return Trip.

Arles offers bus routes throughout Provence.
Reach the Camargue, Avignon, Salon de Provence, Nimes and other destinations in Provence by the modern buses from Arles

  Conventional Trian Connection, Avignon To Arles

   Bus Travel, Provence from Arles

   Arles Buses, Color Coded and Numbered

Arles Rhone River hiking
Arles Roman Ruins
Arles Romanesque buildings
Arles Roman Ruins and  Romanesque buildings fill the historic center
Arles is served by train and bus
Arles is noted for its first Century Roman Ruins and preserved Medievil buildings
Arles buses to the Camargue stop at the Clemenceau bus stop in the center of Arles
Arles offers a walkway along the banks of the Rhone River

Arles Buses

Arles buses base at the Clemencaeu stop in the City of Arles, just a block south of the Roman Ruins.  The buses go in many directions throughout Provence including St Remy, Salon de Provence, Fontvielle, and the Camargue's St Maries de la Mer.   The bus system in Arles is used by commuters, students, and visitors to travel the longer distances to the towns and cities of Provence.  One line runs to the SNCF train station for trains to Avignon, Carcasonne, Montpellier, Marseille, and many other destinations. 

Find Your Way in Arles

Find your way by using the name of the final destination and the number of the bus., Clemenceau for instance if you are at the train station and you want to go to the historic center of Arles.  Several buses make the trip from Gare Arles SNCFto the old center of Arles.
The Clemenceau stop is a depot of sorts where you find a bus office and where you can by tickets and get bus schedules. Schedules are also available at the train station The color coding helps you trace the bus route on the maps at the bus stops.   The stations are glass enclosed cubicles located at various places.  These stops could serve more than one bus line.   (color coded and numbered)   You must follow the color codes and numbers  to reach your final destination.  The price varies depending on your destination.  The basic price for a ticket is 1.20 Euros.
The buses are modern commuter type buses, not plush coaches.
To reach Arles from Paris take the TGV Trains from Paris Gare de Lyon or from the south, get the TGV in Marseilles.  The TGV trains serve Avignon.  From there conventional trains and buses serve Arles.
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Arles Historic Center
Trains to Arles
Conventional trains (non High- Speed, TGV) reach Arles from Avignon.

Buses from the train station reach Arles Center
Conventional train between Avignon and Arles
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Biking East of Arles