Cinque Terre Boats

Mid March to Mid November will find the ferry boats running.

The boats run to several towns and villages along the coast, They connect to the Cinque Terre villages, except Corniglia, and make it easy to return to your village after a hike. The boats run seasonally.
Boats in Cinque Terre
Boats include dive boats for trips to Mediterranean dive spot of the coast of Cinque Terre.

Cinque terre boats

Train service connects the villages. The trains run between Genoa and La Spezia in tunnels carved out of the hillside.

Long Distance Trains

Trains from Rome reach La Spezia and then a local train reaches the villages from there.

Cinque Terre Boats scuba
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Cinque Terre Boats to the Villages

Cinque Terre boats make it easy to return to your hotel or B&B after a hike. Boat back to your village or use train Service or bus service between villages in Cinque Terre.
Cinque Terre Trains From Genoa and La Spezia

Boat Schedules

Cinque Terre Hiking

Hiking Cinque Terre

Hiking trails that the farmers use to tend the grape and olive orchards connect the villages through the hills. These trails are open for walking in the preserved nature park. The trails in the park are over terraced hillsides where the farmers have planted intensively. The terraces on the hillside offer a great view of the Mediterranean and the villages along the coast below.

Cinque Terre Train

Trains connect the villages and make returning from a hike easier. Tunnels go through the cliffs and terraced hillsides of Italy's coast to connect Rome and Genoa

Cinque Terre Hiking And Trains, Boats

Each of the five villages is different. They are connected by Walking Trails where sightseeing from the high cliffs is spectacular. Each village offers Hotels, Dining, and Vacation Lodging.
Trains, boats and bus connect the villages.


The trains use tunnels through the hills to connect the villages. They are handy for a return to your village after a hike