Gatwick Airport Transportation to London, England, offers express train, local train, bus, and taxi. Similar transportation options are available at three of London's other airports.

London Oyster Card

The prepaid card can save you from waiting in line to buy tickets when you use the trains and buses.

Londons Gatwick Airport is 30 minutes south of Central London's Victoria Station by the Gatwick Express Rail Service. Trains and buses run from Victoria to all parts of London and the suburbs.

London Fast Trains

London Commuter Rail

Commuter rail is extensive in the suburbs of London and can allow a quick trip into the city from Gatwick and other airports. Service tends to be more frequent during the work week and less frequent on Sunday.  Service can be slightly more costly during the commute.   
London is surrounded by suburban towns that offer rail and bus service. Many of these suburban towns offer several options for transportation from the suburbs to the city of London: fast commuter trains, slower trains, Underground, (tube) and bus. Prices vary depending on the type of train, express or local.

London Transprtation
The city of London offers underground transportation (Tube) and surface transportation, in the form of red, double-decker buses. It is less costly to buy a day pass if you will use bus and train to get around for the day. 
Save Your Ticket
Save the ticket as you will need it to exit the station   Buy tickets at the stations or at automated kiosks throughout the city.

Transportation In London


  Gatwick Airport Transportation to London, England

Transportation Gatwick Airport, Trains, Subway, Buses   

Westminster Cathedral, London
Sherlock Holmes Pub London
Fast Trains and express trains serve several London Stations. 

Euston Station, north of the center of London (Trafalgar Square/Westminster) is served by commuter rail that includes conventional trains and underground. (tube) 
The Midlands train is an above ground rail that is fast (few stops) but the more costly option.

Much of London is served by express trains, tube, and bus, all running along parallel routes. London is also served by fast trains (high speed) to other major cities and to France via the Channel Tunnel.

Conventional Trains
London's Gatwick offers conventional trains, express and normal, and also bus to the center of London at Victoria Station..  Prices vary greatly. Bus and the Southern Railway are the least expensive options for travel from Gatwick Airport to London.

Taxis make the trip from Gatwick Airport to Central London for around 99 Pounds
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London Transportation, Trains
Watching the Changing of the Guard, London
Trafalgar Square,  London
London Trains,  Russell Square Station
Surface transportation from Gatwick reaches the City of London where you find many train and Underground  (tube) stations that serve and connect the several districts of London
Transportation from Gatwick serves to Victoria Station.
Victoria is not far from the the Westminister district where you you can walk to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guards, Westminster Cathedral, The House of Parliment. and the National Gallery of Art.

Reach Trafalgar Square/ Westminster area from Victoria Station via the underground to Westminster or Embankment Station.

Although England is part of the European Union, the Pound, £, (GBP) is still the currency used in England.
The exchange rate has remained steady since 2009 at around $1.60 USD for each Pound.     See Todays Exchange Rates
Westminster Abbey is wakable from the Westminster Tube stop, one stop east of Victoria Station
Trafalgar Square is a good central landmark for walking tours of London
London Trains
Train Service
Gatwick Express Rail Service

The Gatwick Express train runs to London's Victoria Station. (north of the River Thames and slightly west of Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square) The cost is 16.85 pounds for a single (one way) and 27.90 for a round trip ticket, The trip takes about 30 minutes.  (tel. 0845 850-1530)           Web   See Rail Europe below for schedule and price details.
The "Southern" Rail Service
The Southern Rail Service runs every 15 minutes and connects to Clapham Junction and Victoria Station.  The cost is 11.75 pounds (one way ) and takes 35 minutes.
Bus Service
National Express
, Buses
Coaches run from the north and south terminals at Gatwick to Victoria Station in London every thirty minutes for 8 pounds (single, one way) Service turns hourly after 10 PM.    0871-781-8181

Find good rail and bus service to much of Londan and England from many stations that interconnect..  Destinations and bus numbers are listed on large lighted display panels in the bus and train stations.  Information booths are also available and staffed by helpful attendants.
The bus trip from an outlying Airport such as Gatwick, Heathrow, or Stansted will cost between 5 and 8 pounds.  Pay the driver on the bus.  The drivers will make change.