Lille Flandres Station is one of several train stations in the City of Lille in Northeastern France.  TGV trains reach Paris from Lille in one hour.  Trains also reach Calais and Bussels.

Lille to Paris, Fast Trains

Paris Commuter Rail
Commuter rail is extensive in the suburbs of Paris and can allow a quick trip into the city from a suburban hotel or vacation rental. The Metro and the RER trains connect through many stations in a color-coded system. Service can be costly but there are week-long passes and senior discounts available.    
Paris is surrounded by suburban towns that offer RER and SNCF Rail service. Many of the larger suburban towns offer options for transportation from the suburbs to the city centre.   Train prices vary depending on the type of train, Local, express, or TGV.

Paris Transportation
The City of Paris offers extensive underground and elevated metro transportation.  Surface transportation can also be found in limited bus and in the form the boats that cruise the Seine. It is less costly to buy a week-long pass if you will use the Metro each day to get around Paris. 

Save Your Ticket
Save your Metro ticket as you might be asked to show it during your ride or to exit the station   Buy tickets at the station info and ticket booths or at automated kiosks throughout the Metro Stations.  The Automated systems scroll to English and other languages.
TGV Trains from Lille To Paris, availability, Cost
TGV Express trains serve from Lille to various destinations. In the larger cities of France, an underground (Metro) sytem will offer transportation from the train stations.  France cities are well served by trains and metro systems but the the rural areas are not well served by bus.  Train is the more common method of travel between cities.
Commuter rail into the larger cities might include conventional, surface trains (SNFC), and the Metro 
The TGV Express trains run by SNFC are the most expensive option for travel between cities, with local conventional trains and buses, if available, being the least expensive.  TGV service from Lille to Paris can cost over 50 Euros for the one hour trip.  Book ahead to save if possible.  

Much of Lille is served by surface bus transportation and by metro.
Conventional Trains
Lilles train stations offer the conventional train and the TGV Trains,  These trains serve to the larger rural villages between cities such as Lille and Calais.if possible

Transportation In Paris


  Lille Flandres Station, Lille France, Trains

Transportation Lille, Trains    

Lille offers extensive transportation options such as Eurostar trains to London, TGV Trains to Paris, and service to Brussels. Lille also offers surface bus transportation and Metro service in the city.
Lille France
TGV Trains, Paris
Lille offers TGV Trains and conventional trains with service to  London, Brussels, and Paris
Walk from Lille's two train stations to sightseeing in the center of the city
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Lille Flanders


Click for fares and schedule to Paris from Lille.  Buy tickets ahead on line if possible and save.  Ticket prices vary greatly by day and time of day. 
France is part of the European Union and uses the Euro as its currency.
The exchange rate has remained steady since 2009 at around $1.60 USD for each Euro.   December 2014 rate $1.24USD =1 Euro       See Exchange Rates
From Lille Flanders Station TGV Trains reach Paris in one hour.

Travell lightly, you could find no elevators or scalators in many of the older Paris Metro and train stations
Train Service
SNCF Railway Service
The SNCF trains leave Lille Flandres Station for Paris, Calais, and many other stations via TGV and conventional trains.  Trains also leave for London via the Eurostar from the nearby Euralille Station, a 400 meter walk or tram ride to the northeast of the Lille Flanders Station. 

There is also a Lille Sud (south) train stations in Lille. 
Find good rail and metro service to much of Lille at Lille Flandres Station.   Local buses run from outside the station to the right of the tracks as you come iinto the station by train. 
The Metro is one level below the train station.

Eurostar Trains to London
For TGV Eurostar service to London, England, walk or tram the 400 meters to Euralille Station, a very modern complex, where Eurostar runs service. 
Reach Paris from either Lille Flandres or Euralille Stations.  Information is available in English and French at the Lille Flandres Station at an information kiosk just at the end of the tracks.
Lighted signs, at the exit on the right as you exit the trains, announce the next trains, times, and destinations.  One sigh announces Lille Flandres departures and anothe EuroLille departures. 

TGV train passengers from Lille are assigned a car and a seat.  The ticket will list class, first or second, and will list the seat assignment

Voiture  ( Coach or Car)

Place Assise    (Seat number)
Trains are announced on a lighted board at the right of the station as you face the trains.