Oyster Card

   London Oyster Card,
   Save On London Transportation Costs

The London Oyster card is used for reduced price, prepaiad transit service on Londons trains, subways, and the red buses.

   How To Buy the Oyster Card

Buy an Oyster card at the staion and pay a five Pound deposit. 

You then prepay your expected transit use including trains, Metro (tube), and surface buses (the red double decker)

The card saves money on each trip and more importantly it saves you from waiting in line to buy tickets. 

Swipe the card on entering the station and swipe again when leaving the station.  The machines will indicate the credit remaining. 

Swipe the card only once on the buses, when entering.

Top up at a sales window or machine when credit gets low. 

Redeem the credit on the card and the card deposit when leaving the country.

Note: Redeem early because not all windows will redeem the card.

     Redeeming The Oyster Card

The Oyster card saves money and automates the system. If you use the Metro, bus, or trains on a London vacation,
the card will save time and money.

Use the Oyster Card for the red buses in the city and in the suburbs.  Use the card to commute on the metro and light rail trains.,
Anticipate you departure from the country and redeem the Oyster card a few days before you leave because there are limited options for redemption.  Not all sales points will redeem as well as sell and it may be difficult to find a window that will redeem the card if you are in a hurry or have waited until the day you are departing London.
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