Londons Heathrow is 15 miles west of Central London and offers trains and buses to many parts of England.
After you pass through immigrations and customs,follow the signs for the train and bus stations.

London Fast Trains

London Transprtation
The city of London offers underground transportation (Tube) and surface transportation, in the form of red double-decker buses. It is less costly to buy a day pass if you will use bus and train to get around for the day. 

Save Your Ticket
Save the ticket as you will need it to exit the station   
Bust stops in the City are marked and you can flag a bus as you wait at the stop. The buses are marked in the fromt with lighted destination signs.  Buy a ticket at the automated vendors. On boarding, use the pass.      See Oyster Card

Tube Stations (Underground) Called officially the underground and called locally the Tube, the metro system in London is extensive, with 13 color coded lines covering the city and suburbs. 
Stations such as Euston, Padington, and Kings Cross among others, connect to several other lines and at times to surface rail. 

Fast Trains and express trains are the more costly option. London is served by fast trains to other major cities and to France via the Channel Tunnel.

Conventional Trains
London's Heathrow offers conventional trains, express and normal, and also tube(underground or subway) to the center of London.  Prices vary greatly. Bus and tube are the least expensive options.

Taxis make the 20-40 minute trip to Central London for around 60 Pounds

Commuter Rail
Commuter rail is extensive in the suburbs of London and can allow a stay outside the city while providing access within an hour to the central parts of London. 
London is surrounded by suburban towns that offer rail and bus service. Many of these suburban towns offer several options for transportation from the suburbs to the city of London: fast commuter trains, sower trains, metro (tube) and bus. Price and speed might determine your choice.

Transportation In London


  Heathrow Airport Transportation, London, England

Transportation Heathrow, Trains, Subway, Buses   

Trafalgar Square
London Big Ban
London's Heathrow Airport offers Transportation to the city of London with express train, local train, bus, and taxi. Similar transportation options are available at three of London's other airports.
Guards London

The Oyster Card

London's Oyster Card can save transit fees and waiting in line to purchase tickets

See Oyster Card
View of Big Ben from Trafalgar Square
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Westminster,  Londonr
London Canging of the Guards
Transportation from Heathrow reaches the City of London where you find several districts and many train and metro (Underground ) stations that serve the districts.

One popular area is the Westminister district where you you can walk to Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, the Changing of the Guards, Westminster Cathedral, the House of Parliament. and the National Gallery of Art.
Reach Trafalgar Sqare from Paddington Station via the underground to Charing Cross Station.
The Pound, £, (GBP) is the currency used in England.
The exchange rate has remained steady since 2009  at around $1.60 USD for each Pound

ATM machines dispense the pound at a favorable exchange rate.

Train Service

Heathrow Express
The Heathrow Express train runs every 15 minutes into London to the Paddington Station. (About 2 miles north and west of Trafalgar Square) The cost is 18 pounds for a single (one way) and 34 for a round trip ticket, The trip takes about 20 minutes.  (tel. 0845 600 1515,           Web   See website for details.

The "Heathrow Connect" Rail Service
The Heathrow Connect Rail Service runs every half hour and connects to Paddington Station.  The cost is 9.10 pounds (single)17.80, round trip.

Tube (subway)
The Piccadilly line connects to London in one hour.  Trains run every few minutes and cost 5.30 pounds one way. Exit at Picadilly Circus for the St James or Westminiter sections of the city

Bus Service
National Express

Coaches run to Victoria Station in London every thirty minutes and make the trip in one hour for 6 pounds (single, one way) and 11 Pounds for a round trip ticket.

When you exit customs at Heathrow, a long series of escalators (people movers) and corridors will convey you to the bus and train stations.
Buses go by Route numbers.  The buses go to many suburban towns such as Watford Junction where you find good rail and bus service to much of Londan and England.  Destinations and bus numbers are listed on large lighted display panels in the bus and train stations.  Information booths are available also.

The bus trip to an outlying town such as Watford Junction, Wimbleton, Windsor, or Stansted might cost as much as 8 pounds.  Pay the driver on the bus.  The driver will make change.