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Make Photos While Traveling Europe

If you love to travel and make photographs while traveling you will probably want to travel lightly, that is with a minimum of equipment.

You can pare down your equipment to the bare minimum needed to make photos that you can sell or share with others by acquiring a few compact devices: notebook computer, power adapter, remote hard drive, and camera. That equipment will fit in a backpack with room to spare. Within that pack you have all the equipment necessary to create photos, write captions, and upload the images and text to a photo editor, magazine editor, or photo agency.  

A look through the adds to the right and you can shop all the equipment that makes it possible to make photographs while traveling lightly.

Traveling in Europe and making photos will require some specialized electronic equipment for your electric power supply.  You will need adapter plugs for hotel room power outlets.

  Image Storage

  European Travel, Image Storage, Remote Hard Drives

  Travel Europe Electrical Power, Cameras, Laptop

Image Storage

    Image storage will be an important issue for travelers because the 12 megapixel camera will create many large files fast.   Video use will make the need for storage even more pressing. 

A good solution to this problem is the remote hard drive.  Then are small and robust and can store 500 gigabytes and up.  The transfer rate is fast, much faster then CD, DVD, or upload to a server.


Europe Travel, Electricity

Electricity comes in all shapes and sizes throughout the world.  You will need to adapt your equipment’s plug in devices for the visited country.  An example of this is the adapting of the two, flat-pin plug used in the US, Canada, and Mexico to the round-pin type used in France and Italy and to the type used in England.  

The adapters are small devices available in camera stores and through amazon and other on-line sellers.  They take up little space in the backpack.  See these websites for descriptions of plug-in devices worldwide      or       Datapro

Surge suppression is an issue in any country but you can pack a small power strip with built-in surge suppression.  The power strip will also allow you to plug in several devices, camera battery charger and computer for example, while using one adapter.  While a surge suppressor can protect equipment from a power surge to a degree, it is best to shut off equipment during an electrical storm and best not to leave equipment plugged in unattended.

Canterbury England
Extension Cord recepticle
Extension cord recepticles take up little space in the backpack and come in handy when charging electronic equipment.  The one pictured offers surge protection.
The unerversal adaptor will adapt electrical pluges of USA, Britain, France, Spain, and Italy among others in Europe
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